Africa | Regional migration policy coordination project

With the acceleration of economic, sanitary and ecological crises, the typology of migrations and their governance are undergoing significant changes, especially on the migratory routes that connect West Africa, North Africa and Europe.

With the evolution of migration policies, questions relating to their financing and the measurement of their performance are under construction. The regional migration policy coordination project aims to define jointly a common framework and to initiate a dialogue at the national and regional levels to improve the institutional governance of migration and feed policies with the experiences from the civil society.

Red Mangrove led the 3-years coordination and operational implementation of the monitoring of migration policies and of the strengthening of dialogue with civil society. More specifically, these components include the building and the coordination of a regional dialogue based on comparative analysis of migration policies, through a common grid of monitoring indicators, and a support to CSOs so that their experiences and perspectives can enrich the institutional dialogue.


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