RMLab is the laboratory of the team’s creativity and thoughts. We germinate our own ideas and initiatives, whether it is to provide new services, to develop innovative tools or to propose useful programs.

We devote part of our time to putting these ideas into practice, whether they are the result of our capitalization sessions or of opportunities arising from our experience, so that we can always remain proactive in our approach.

« ESTUAIRE » PROJECT | A place for synergies (achieved)

The Estuaire project aimed to build an ecosystem of complementary skills around our teams. The idea is to bring together in a single space other businesses offering synergies, echoing the networks we are trying to build in our field work. This has been achieved with the creation of a co-working space in the heart of Bordeaux, and soon in Paris, to accommodate our teams and partners.

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HORIZON PROJECT | Research on migrations (achieved)

The ambition of this internal project was to finance research/prospective work on migrations in anticipation of new territoral dynamics.

This project was achieved through the financing of a dedicated thesis under a CIFRE agreement as well as partnerships with african and french universities allowing students to work on cases supervized by our staff. 

RHIZOME PROJECT | Data Collection and visualization

The rhizome project was born out of our observation that the regular collection of monitoring and evaluation data was limited by current IT tools, and that a complete ERP-type system was too costly for small programs. With Rhizome, we intend to offer an agile and easily adaptable application that allows for easy retrieval and aggregation of information and thus facilitates project monitoring.

RHIZOFORA PROJECT | Diaspora barometer

We have the idea to create an annual barometer and/or an observatory dedicated to the issue of diaspora mobilization and their contribution to the territories of origin and host. Despite numerous studies on the subject, there is no reliable statistical method or regular exercise to observe trends year after year on well-established bases (representativeness, themes, etc.). A first survey with IPSOS was proposed and financed by AFD and MEAE in the summer of 2020 to initiate this project.


The biome project consists in setting up and proposing a range of training courses for professionals in the sector in order to share our experience and to disseminate and exchange good practices on a larger scale.

PALÉTUVIER PROJECT | Mentoring and financing

With this project, we intend to develop and test an offer linking mentoring and financing for the African diaspora in Europe.

GREEN FUNDS PROJECT | Accessing green finance

The States have committed to disburse very large sums of money to the Green Climate Funds. However, the mechanisms for accessing these funds remain unknown and complex for project leaders in the field. This is why we are setting up a service offer to facilitate the meeting between these funds and eligible projects, both to guide donors towards the most relevant actors and to help them adopt the frameworks and language necessary to obtain Green Funds.