The dispersion of populations around the world is creating a new category of multicultural citizens. Armed with new experiences, expertise and networks, diasporas can make many different types of contributions to their countries of origin. Each country, with its history and resources, can engage in a reflection on the mobilization of its nationals abroad for the benefit of its national agenda.

Red Mangrove supports the elaboration of public policies aiming to value the contributions of diasporas for local development. We engage, with stakeholders, in a dialogue on the contribution of expatriate networks to their home and host countries, by establishing appropriate consultation/mobilization frameworks.

We are then able to define the most relevant ways of mobilizing diasporas (collaborations, advocacy, remittances, skills, investments, promotion of the country abroad, etc.) with local actors: civil society organizations, private sector, local authorities and public administrations.

We also conduct economic and sociological studies to better understand and anticipate future trends in these areas, whether it concerns the relationship of new generations with their country of origin or how to optimize the use of remittances in a context of rapid technological change.


Migration is perceived as an opportunity by the host and home territories and contributes to their development


Europe/Africa |Diaspora financial mobilization project (DiasDev)

The DIASDEV project is a joint initiative of the French Development Agency together with the Moroccan, Tunisian, Senegalese, French and Italian Caisses des Dépôts. Its objective is to…

Africa | Regional migration policy coordination project

With the acceleration of economic, sanitary and ecological crises, the typology of migrations and their governance are undergoing significant changes, especially on the migratory routes that connect West Africa, North Africa and…


  • Technical assistance for the implementation of public migration policies, including on Migration and Development
  • Design of strategies for diaspora mobilization (networks, skills, entrepreneurship, savings, investment)
  • Development of technical and financial tools to foster the productive impact of diasporas (savings, entrepreneurship, remittances, etc.)
  • Sociological and economic studies

Innovative finance

Private sector support

Monitoring & Evaluation