Red Mangrove (R.M.D.A.) offers tailor-made support to actors in the North and South who are involved in cooperation and sustainable development issues. Together, we work to find the most appropriate responses to the challenges posed by our societies.

Strengthen the positive link between migration and development.

Foster the emergence of relevant innovative financing solutions.

Strengthen private sector support ecosystems.

Measure impact to improve practices.




Mozambique | Formative evaluation of MUVA

MUVA is a Mozambican NGO specializing in social norms and gender equality issues which has tested and developed cutting-edge transformative methodologies. MUVA is also known for putting innovation…

Guinea | Women entrepreneurship 2

Following our initial conception of a women entrepreneurship program, AFD and the UE entitled us with a study to extend the project…

Africa & Europe | Diasporas' engagement in local development

ADEPT commissioned a study to explore African diaspora organisations’ engagement in local development and to inform policies…

Africa, Middle-East | Perception of migrations

Participatory study on the representations conveyed in media and public discourses on migration…

Mali | Diasporas' practices

Within the EU-funded programme “Diaspora Investment in Sustainable Entrepreneurship for Rural Youth in Mali”, IFAD commissioned…