Chad | Implementation of N’Djamena’s entrepreneurship and SME development program (phase 1)


To address the challenge of youth unemployment in N’Djamena and contribute to the diversification of the Chadian economy, the Private Sector Support Division of the Agence Française de Développement designed and now funds a sustainable and autonomous entrepreneurship program called “Maison de la Petite Entreprise (MPE)”. Under the responsibility of Bet Al Nadjah, association gathering private operators, the program will ensure the orientation, information, training and offer technical support to entrepreneurs and small businesses from N’Djamena. In order to shed light on small businesses’ issues, the MPE is also intended to serve as a platform for Public / Private consultation and dialogue.


Red Mangrove is the leader of the consortium which was entrusted with a 3 years mandate to assist with the implementation of the program. The intervention covers the following tasks:

Design and setting up of the program’s governance (Bet Al Nadjah Association):

  • Supporting the design of the objectives, strategic planning and statutory meetings
  • Defining key procedures, administrative policies and technical manuals
  • Recruitment of the staff

Technical assistance to the MPE :

  • Development of training modules and training of employees in SME diagnostic, management, marketing, financing (…)
  • Design of entrepreneurship promotion and education campaigns
  • Advice to achieve a sustainable economic model
  • Design of partnering strategy and assistance with negotiations
  • Implementation of a one-stop-shop information counter, and the related databases
  • Implementation of a public / private dialogue platform
  • Design of a computerized monitoring and evaluation system
  • Communication support : development of messages and promotion activities


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