Chad | Technical assistance for the implementation of the SME support program – Phase 2

Red Mangrove and its partners provided technical assistance to the Chadian association Bet-Al Nadjah for 4 years in the structuring of a sustainable offer of technical and financial support to local entrepreneurs. This first phase allowed the implementation of “Maison de la Petite Entreprise”, a technical and technological support mechanism dedicated to entrepreneurs and SMEs. The promising results of the MPE and the identification of complementary needs from promoters to set up a complete and relevant ecosystem have enabled the funding of a second phase which will strengthen the services and empower additional services.

Red Mangrove is partnering with Initiative France and Agro-PME to help implement the following activities for BAN:

  • Strengthening of the governance of the association and management tools to support the organizational growth
  • Implementation of an interest-free loan platform to finance both the early stage and development of undercapitalized companies
  • Supervision of the construction and animation of a place dedicated to entrepreneurship in N’Djamena, gathering a maximum of initiatives for more proximity and synergies between actors
  • Expansion of the services to new territories
  • Engaging in the specialization of the services based on the specific territorial needs (sector, gender, inclusion, etc.)
  • Proposal of a “cost-shared fund” (technical support voucher) to encourage and reduce the costs of technical support for promoters, which will benefit all stakeholders
  • Setting up of an advocacy and public / private dialogue platform and specific tools to escalate the association’s beneficiaries’ needs (e.g. barometer)



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