Ivory Coast | Diagnosis for the operationalisation of the Diaspora savings product

The DIASDEV – CDC savings products project aims to enable beneficiary African CDCs to facilitate the mobilisation of savings from their diaspora through adapted products and services in order to increase the base of their resources for the development of projects with an economic and social impact.

Through Expertise France‘s CDC facility, Red Mangrove took part in the following tasks :

  • Phase I – Mapping of the Ivorian diaspora and its savings needs and analysis of the product’s potential clientele.
  • Phase II – Evaluation of the relevance of the Diaspora Savings product and recommendations for improvement and definition of the positioning of the Diaspora Savings product currently offered in its competitive environment
  • Phase III: Establish a communication and marketing strategy for the diaspora savings product, disaggregated by gender, identifying the main commercial and institutional communication channels