Europe/Africa | Feasibility study for a diaspora financial mobilization project (DiasDev)


The DIASDEV project is a joint initiative of the French Development Agency together with the Moroccan, Tunisian, Senegalese, French and Italian Caisses des Dépôts. Its objective is to facilitate and secure the financial flows of the diaspora (remittances, savings and investments), settled in Europe or in the African continent. The project also aims at fostering local development through the productive use of these financial flows.


  • In depth analysis of the pattern and potential of financial mobilization of diasporas: financial profiles and behaviors, expectations and constraints
  • Mapping of relevant operators: formal or informal, diaspora associations, solidarity-based finance, banks, postal services, etc., identification of their capacities, needs and interests
  • Analysis of market gaps and opportunities within the regulatory environment related to transnational financing
  • Recommendations around 3 components :
    • Information and labeling platform: centralization of qualified information, to make it accessible in a format adapted to the needs and various financial profiles likely to be interested, labelization of the the relevant stakeholders, promotion of good practices as well as emblematic projects to foster financial education
    • Support to actors / operators: offer technical and financial support to operators collecting savings from the diaspora for investments in the territories of origin (regulation, formalization, scaling up, etc.), secure savings by reducing risk (guarantee, co-financing, insurance, etc.), collect data on the potential of these resources to encourage stakeholders to invest the subject, and engage in a dialogue with regulatory authorities, in particular .
    • Innovative instruments for savings mobilization by the Caisses de Dépôt: support innovative solutions through Caisses de Dépôt, acting as trusted third parties, particularly in the area of ​​bibancarisation, to offer risk-free savings tools which deposits are used to productively finance the territories of origin.


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