Jordan | Development and implementation of the M&E system for the project « Strengthening Civil Protection and Relief capacities in Jordan » 


The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is prone to multiple natural risks and man-made hazards. The vulnerability of its population and its territory is exacerbated by rapid and unplanned urbanization and the increasing occurrence of disasters related to climate change. To deal with this, the Jordanian authorities reinforce the operational civil protection services delivered by GDCD, whose mandate covers not only the preparation and interventions for natural and man-made risks, but also “daily” relief operations for populations (accidents, fires, etc.).

The overall objective of the project is to improve the quality of the public service delivered by GDCD for the population (hosts and refugees) in Mafraq Governorate. The project has two specific objectives (i) build the risk prevention and preparation capacities, (ii) improve the quality of the services delivered at local level and align the operational capacities with the risks in Mafraq Governorate.

As part of this project, Red Mangrove provides technical expertise on the entire Monitoring-Evaluation component. The objective of its mission is to design and deploy a monitoring and evaluation system adapted to the specific characteristics of the project, and allow to:

  • Measure the impact of the project on the beneficiaries,
  • Ensure that the activities effectively contribute to the achievement of the expected results,
  • Adjust the activities as needed to the evolution of the context and in function of results achieved,
  • Better account for the achievements of the project.



Our mission consists in:

  • Developing jointly an adapted monitoring and evaluation system and a precise timetable, allowing quantitative data to be timely linked with qualitative data
  • Proposing qualitative approaches aimed at evaluating the levels of perception and assessing the degree of satisfaction of the beneficiaries with regard to the quality of the service provided. This will include developing tailor-made qualitative data collection methods and tools.
  • Finalizing the indicators and preparing a Baseline / Endline Study.
  • Supporting the deployment and the coordination of the monitoring and evaluation system, paying particular attention to the qualitative aspect.
  • Consolidating all project data and producing deliverables.