Mali | Remittances and climate change

In a context of worsening climatic conditions in the Sahel and high levels of recent and long-standing migration, IFAD is looking into the contribution of people who have left their homeland to the fight against climate change, particularly through remittances and repatriation.

The study looked at living conditions, behaviour and the nature of relations between local populations and expatriate nationals in two regions of Mali (Kayes and Sikasso).

The Red Mangrove team carried out the following tasks:

  • A literature review to develop a questionnaire incorporating previous research and linking scientific vocabulary to local people’s observations on climate change,
  • Carrying out a quantitative survey of 400 households, focus groups with returnees and local financial services
  • Study report analysing local populations’ understanding of climate change, the measures they are putting in place to overcome it, depending on whether or not they receive remittances, and the role of returning diasporas in adopting virtuous practices.



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