Mozambique | Support to a call for projects “crisis and conflict” in Cabo Delgado

Cabo Delgado suffers from a significant lack of investment in its agricultural value chains. The discovery of large gas reserves has not generated the catch-up hoped for by local populations, and has instead fuelled a feeling of marginalisation that has given rise to jihadist insurgencies since 2017.

The conflict has contributed to the breakdown of local farming systems, which are also in the front line when it comes to climate change, and has led to a decline in agricultural production, which is unable to meet the needs of the population.

To reduce insecurity, maintaining and consolidating economic opportunities, particularly in agriculture, must contain the social forms of the crisis and offer a second, more sustainable and resilient path for fragile populations. To pursue these objectives, AFD has entrusted Red Mangrove with a mandate to support a call for “crisis and conflict” projects.


Secteur Privé