Senegal | Supporting the Senegalese diaspora for productive and collective investments in Senegal

Co-development initiative aiming at empowering the Senegalese diaspora established in France in investing jointly in productive projects in Senegal.

Services delivered:

  • Identify the investment potential of the diaspora living in France;
  • Evaluate the potential for productive and collective investment of the Senegalese diaspora and their methods and processes;
  • Identify niches and investment opportunities in key regions;
  • Identify the opportunities and advantages of the key regions in terms of economic development;
  • Identify, analyze and draw up the detailed overview of investment projects by sector;
  • Define the tools and mechanisms to support investors in the constitution, governance and management of investment companies;
  • Study the present investment and entrepreneurship climate (creating and managing a business, investment and governance…) in the specific context of a collective offshore investment: Legal / administrative processes / money transfers / governance;
  • Define relevant measures and methodological tools in France and in Senegal to strengthen the capacities of diaspora associations, including their accessing the private sector support systems;
  • Identify existing financial services or to be considered to support these collective investments: guarantee funds, unsecured loans, subsidized loans, etc.


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