WORLD | Mid-term and end-of-program evaluation for the project “Defending and promoting quality journalism as a catalyst for civil society “

The program “Defending and promoting quality journalism as a catalyst for civil society” has three specific objectives:

  1. Defend and protect journalists, local media and those who defend them,
  2. Counter the offensives against journalism, especially by strengthening international standards and by opening a dialogue with the international authorities and institutions,
  3. Strengthen RSF’s reaction capacities, especially through its network of correspondents and partners.

Red Mangrove leads the two evaluations that punctuate the implementation of this program:

  • A mid-term evaluation, aimed at (i) providing the donor with an assessment of the running of the program (ii) providing RSF with a critical analysis of the work implemented under the program (iii) analyze the partnership policy (iii) proposing guidelines and possible corrective measures for the rest of the program taking into account the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.
  • A final evaluation to evaluate the progress and also (i) highlight the learning and adoption of the recommendations of the first evaluation by RSF, (ii) capitalize on the good practices of the program, (iii) identify levers for sustainability and causes of non-achievement of activities, (iv) formulate recommendations to support the formulation of future projects.