Ivory Coast | Development of CDC’s public interest investment doctrine

In order to increase its self-financing capacities and sustain its development dynamics, the Ivorian government has decided to create a Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC-CI). The CDC-CI is a public financial institution with legal personality and financial autonomy, and benefits from the State guarantee. Within the consortium led by GB2A Finance and in the framework of the general interest investment doctrine, Red Mangrove has elaborated and proposed the intervention axes of the CDC-CI in support of Ivorian MSMEs (companies with less than 250 employees). Our vision is based on the emergence of a continuum of investment so that each SME, whatever its size, can benefit from an adapted financial support. The CDC-CI has also been endowed with four mechanisms (seed funds, guarantee funds, venture capital funds and private equity funds) to assume its role as a trusted third party, and several ideas of targeted support for outlying territories will make it possible to achieve sustainable and balanced development objectives.


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