Morocco / European Union | Mobilization of the new generation of Morocco’s diaspora

Red Mangrove conducted a quantitative and qualitative study on the entrepreneurial practices of the young generations of Moroccans living abroad (MRE). The objective was to better understand the practices and expectations of the young people of 2nd and 3rd generation towards Morocco, particularly in the area of economic investments.

This study is at the crossroads of the issues of the SHARAKA program (the mobilization of the skills of MREs and the issue of return) and resulted in about 40 interviews/focus groups and more than 500 surveys. Red Mangrove carried out a typology of the profiles of young MREs and characterized and analyzed their modes of intervention. We also proposed recommendations to strengthen their involvement in actions towards Morocco, and a support system dedicated to their productive investment (tutoring, youth sponsorship approach, association of MRE entrepreneurs in Morocco, etc.).


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