North Africa | Project preparation facility tackling the missing middle


FSD Africa is a specialist development agency working to build and strengthen financial markets across sub-Saharan Africa. Wishing to explore and settle in North Africa, FSD hired Red Mangrove to produce options paper identifying potential interventions to support SME financing in North Africa, with particular focus on instruments targeting the ‘missing middle’, where the financial sector is currently most absent.


Following an in-depth landscaping phase, the following key instruments were selected for futher investigations: Loans on Honour, Crowdfunding, Capital Investment and Asset-Based Finance. Specifically we proceeded with;

  • Literature review and landscape analysis to shortlist potential market opportunities.
  • Interviews with key informants and market players to identify 5 project opportunities in line with FSD Africa expectations.
  • Design and documentation of project opportunities in contact with potential beneficiaries.
  • Presentation of the project opportunities to FSD Africa and to the British posts in targeted countries